Unsolved Murders? A Letter From Saturday’s Town Talk:

What happened to them?

Have a number of murders ever been resolved in the town? I remember a partner, Ronnie Isles, back in 1982 or 1983 was found murdered and never heard any more about it.

I remember Harold Chew and Jimmie Lee Jacob also. Have these murders been resolved or were these murders important enough to be investigated?

I also had a brother, Robert Wright, who was found in the river in Alexandria in 2003. Was his death ever solved? The lifestyle of a person does not exclude that person from equal justice. If the cases are unsolved, then why are taxpayers paying these city officials for not doing their jobs that they should be out there doing?

Raymond Wright, Fayetteville, N.C.

One thought

  1. On September 12th, 2008, my brother was shot to death in Deridder, LA. At first the police said it looked like a suicide but an independent investigator we brought with us said there was more than enough evidence to show that it was a murder. When we arrived in town the police officials gave us a long story about what happened, but two days later we were told by another official, that that information was not correct and still have no reason for telling us the wrong information. When we have tried to contact police we have been put on hold and have not had any communication with the police in over a year. The police have been very quiet and got very impatient with our family whenever we have tried to contact them, keep in mind we do not call very often but each time it is clearly evident that they just want this case to go away. We have had several locals contact us about the case but the police have not done a thing. I remember one police officer who bragged that they have never investigated a murder in Deridder in over 27 years. Our family continues to deal with the pain of my brothers death and the feeling of being lied to and abnadoned by the local police in Louisiana.

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