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Anonymous said…
We are like Nero, sniping at each other while Alexandria burns. Did anyone read the paper this morning and see what sort of government we have? the city attorney is setting up the mayor to promote a lease that harms the city but benefits some guy that employs Hobbs and Marshall, is a partner with Smith in a bar, and is Myron’s insurance customer. And you are talking etiquette???

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 9:41:39 PM

Scarlett said…
I’m sure everyone has noticed the topic in the TT in the last few days. As we discussed on this blog, as a result of greed and pandering of influence by the council, utility bills are sky high and will be a major topic in this election. It appears someone on the council has been paying attention. Myron, or his cronies, are trying to cover their bases. It is also appears that the TT is a dear friend to the council.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006 10:21:53 AM

Anonymous said…
I imagine that Dr. Alex knows what to expect from Myron. Myron’s got two kinds of problems:
1. he is running against a guy with absolutely no political baggage – he is a family doc and a popular person with a pleasing personality and a spotless reputation;

2. Myron has screwed so may people with this lies and double-dealings and irresponsible representation (utility bills, consulting contracts, kickbacks, double-crosses) that his biggest problem is not Dr. Alex, its everybody else. I know for a fact that he as personally lied to and shit upon two of the prosecutors in the DA’s office. There is usually a heavy price to pay for that.

Monday, March 06, 2006 10:19:45 PM

Spanky said…
We should expect our mayor and council to be honest and serve the people who elect them with honesty and integrity. The electorate as a whole has to understand that local politics is not a spectator sport and that the results will directly affect their fortunes and estates. It is of the utmost importance that everyone participate and be part of the community. When you analyze poll results, 20-25% voter turnout has 10-12.5 % of the electorate making the decisons for the rest of the population. It is my contention that we have the government we deserve by our neglect as citizens. Apply it across racial, gender and party lines. We as the electorate must motivate our neighbors to care. The first question I ask when someone complains about our government is if they voted. If they do, I listen – If they don’t, I tell them to vote and I will listen next time. While we bash our elected officials, and lord knows they deserve an additional double scoop, we are guilty for not being more involved and insisting our fellow citizens be involved also. If recent events of the past year don’t motivate people around here to put aside differences and work for change, then nothing will. I am well aware of things that occur in this town and could probably expand on many of the subjects discussed in this blog. It is not good to share everthing one knows. Why have sections of Alexandria been left to crack blight. Do I smell a land grab. By doing nothing, whole neighborhoods have been devalued and equity that was built in homes evaporated as sales prices plunged. Would you believe that houses on Levin street that are selling for 15-20K were worth 80K 15 years ago prior to the interstate shifting the population. I would not call that serving the public. I personally feel that the crack plague was allowed to spread. Especially when it is so obvious that people are dealing and walking the street with goods that would appear to be stolen. I will go as far as saying the city allowed whole neighborhoods to be affected and that you will begin to see developers begin to capitalize on the areas of town that can be picked up at sheriffs sale or bought for a pittance. There is more than one way to steal.

Monday, March 06, 2006 8:41:14 PM

How much will Dr. Sams and Delores Brewer hurt each other? It is beginning to look like Sams is drawing support accross racial and economic lines. That is a surprise but he has a pretty good organization going. Would it be a mistake to think that Ned’s supporters are still out there and that they could be delivered to Brewer or anybody else? Ned’s popularity was based on the fact that he wasn’t John Snyder. Will that emotional issue still hold up. What happens if Harry Siver and Dudley Hixon announce? Has anyone thought of the big picture? What happened to the “Acosta for Mayor” sign. I only saw one and it vanished.

Are all the people waiting on Ned to finally publically announce what is a foregone conclusion – that he can’t make another round? Questions? Questions?

Saturday, March 04, 2006 9:52:20 AM

Also worth noting: People are calling Delores Brewer “Hillary Randolf.”

And the answer is: e) all of the above.

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