Much thanks to The Town Talk for their editorial about the City’s upcoming Summit on Sustainability. Quoting (bold mine):

This will be an important event, whether you are new to the conversation or have been engaged for some time.

Sustainability means “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” So says “Our Common Future,” a United Nations report from 1987.

The concept of sustainable development, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, marries two important themes: that environmental protection does not preclude economic development and that economic development be ecologically viable now and in the long run.

Thoughtful people knew about sustainability long before that U.N. report, and have preached it to anyone who would listen.

We’ve started to listen in Louisiana, and Central Louisiana is blessed with a number of strong proponents.

Among the most insightful is landscape architect Patrick Moore of Alexandria, who enjoys a national reputation in this area.

Sustainability marries the best thinking about economic development with the best thinking about environmental protection.

Sustainability is about stewardship, which is at the top of this summit’s agenda.

We think: The Town Talk‘s right. Although the subjects that will be covered during the summit are diverse, the message is based on the same foundational belief– that we must be good stewards.

(By the way, I agree Pat is nationally-known in his field, but “nationally-known in this area” is kind of a contradictory statement. Seriously, though, Pat has an incredible presentation on implementation, perhaps the most important subject in the discourse of sustainability. He’s also doing innovative things down in Lake Charles and Central, Louisiana- near Baton Rouge).

Also, thanks to CentralLaPolitics for publishing an update on the summit.

I can offer a few more updates:

– Congressman Rodney Alexander is also a confirmed participant.

– Mayor Fields and Mayor McCullen, along with Mayor Roy, will be giving the introductory remarks.

– The majority of the Rapides Parish Police Jury is scheduled to attend.

– The event has over 150 people pre-registered. Space is tightening. If you want to attend, please give us a call at 318-449-5009 or shoot an e-mail over to

4 thoughts

  1. Boos to “Steve.”

    C’mon Steve, this isn’t about one person. This is about regional and statewide collaboration. If I were you– living in Pineville– I’d be pleased that my mayor takes a leading role in regional and statewide conferences, making the case for his City wherever he goes. That is all this is about. It’s not a political event.

  2. He goes to look important . NOT one THING has come back to Pineville as a result of him ‘acting’ like a politician. He has not had an original idea since he learned to put on a tie. and EVERYTHING is a political event to ClayRay Fields.

  3. Steve, you don’t even need to live in Pineville to know that what you’re saying is bogus.

    Regardless, Wednesday’s Summit is not a “political” event; it’s a regional event. You’re invited as well, Steve.

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