CENLAMAR IS PROUD to welcome the newest member of our team of writers and our first anonymous contributor, LAMediaWatch. While a guest writer at The Daily Kingfish, LAMediaWatch wrote a series of sensational and thoroughly researched essays on the media, Bobby Jindal, David Vitter, and the upcoming election. Many of these essays have now been cross-posted right here on CenLamar, even the scandalous ones:

The Conservative Response(s) to the Vitter Scandal

Is Team Vitter Behind Operation Red November?

Vitter and the LA GOP Cover-up: “We Discussed That Exact Fact.”

The Question Mark: Louisiana Republicans Support Vitter?

Vitter’s Campaign Commercials and Why They Matter Now

Introducing Jeffrey Sadow: The LA GOP’s Favorite Professor

A Lesson for the Professor: Sadow Lies Again

LA-GOV: Jindal’s Website Payoff Scam

Bobby Jindal: The Story They Don’t Want You to Hear

LA-GOV: Jindal is Lying on His Record on Health Care

LA-GOV: Jindal’s Texas Gold: Who is Nancy Kinder?

LA-GOV: Jindal’s Texas Gold: The Texan Oil Lobby

Welcome to LAMediaWatch, an old friend and our newest contributor. To contact, grill, and/or harass LAMediaWatch, e-mail LAMediaWatch2007 at hotmail dot com.

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