Be There or Be Square · Young Professionals in Central Louisiana invited
to a Mayor of Alexandria Candidates Public Debate

· Monday, September 11, 2006 at 6PM
· Rapides Foundation Building, Hearn Stage – Kress Theatre
· 1101 Fourth Street (entrance at Third & Johnston Streets)
· Reception immediately following in Kress Theatre Lobby
· FREE for YPG Members / $5 for non-members

4 thoughts

  1. Lamar, please post your take on the YP debate and encourage other young folks to do the same. I’d be interested in reading that. Thanks!

  2. Well, my take on the YP debate was that it was an excellent event and Jacques Roy clearly emerged as the candidate who best understands the issues we face as our community grows. (No surprises there). I’ve spoken with and listened to Jacques for around two months now, and I felt that he has really proven himself to be most in tune with the needs and demands of Alexandria.

    I thought Mrs. Brewer was very professional. Mrs. Hammond basically stayed on message. Joe Fuller mentioned a few things that really resonated. I was really surprised by Roosevelt. This was the first time I’ve seen him in a forum, and he spoke with passion and conviction. John Sams’ idea about improving our arts community was excellent, and we definitely need to create more opportunies for artists.

    But again, I’m a Roy supporter, and my impression of the events was filtered through that lens.

    I brought three undecided voters with me to the event, one of whom is a registered voter in Alexandria who goes to school in London (and will be voting in this election). By the end of the debate, all three had decided to vote for Jacques, each for their own reasons. I think Jacques really connects with people who are interested in seeing Alexandria become a bigger and better place to live, and he represents a significant change (for the good) from the status quo.

    Also, kudos on the “Name a good quality about each of your opponents.” It was excellent.

  3. Thanks for that assessment, Lamar. Nice to her someone bring out all of the positives, even on other canidates! I’ll be at the one today, it should be interesting.

  4. I did like his use of charts. Plus he kept returning to his previous messages which cemented his ideas. Overall, this was a great forum.

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